Young people are the future, and those on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs List are focused on making tomorrow better than it is today by creating business that tackles entrenched social ills. There’s The Unreasonable Institute, cofounded by Teju Ravilochan, which develops and supports social enterprise ventures. The organization says the 148 startups it’s launched has touched 16 million lives. Jibu, cofounded by Galen Welsch, finances and trains people in the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to set up their own franchises to bring clean drinking water to their local communities. Founder, Rachel Sumekh, created Swipe Out Hunger. It enables students to donate their unused meal points to feed food insecure peers and community members. These are just a smattering of examples mentioned in the show.

Hear Michela Tindera, Forbes reporter, on “The Forbes List” podcast, fill us in on a range of companies working hard to do good.